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Why / What We Do

Why We Do

Over the last 20 years, we have successfully implemented BIM on over 500 projects world. We believe that every project provides a unique opportunity to improve the conventional design, pre-construction, construction, and building operations process. We are driven by the passion to leverage our design-build and technology experience to help our clients improve the building design, reduce waste, improve efficiency, and enhance value of their products to their customers.

What We Do

In 2002, Sanrachna became one of the first design-build firms to implement BIM on its own projects. Team Sanrachna gained hands-on experience in how BIM technology can be leveraged to improve design-build processes. Realizing that BIM would revolutionize the building industry, Sanrachna decided not to limit this revolutionary experience, to only its own projects only. Driven by Mahatama Gandhi’s philosophy to “Be the Change, you wish to see”, Sanrachna decided to transform its design-build practice to focus only on BIM implementation.

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