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Extended Design Development Studio for Architects & Engineers

Sanrachna provides a comprehensive range of architectural, engineering and interior design development, BIM modeling and documentation services to leading international design firms. We work as an “Extended Studio”, seamlessly integrating client’s processes and standards to deliver projects from schematic design through construction documents.

Our services include:

  • BIM Execution Plan

  • LOD 100/200/300/350 Modelling

  • Design Development (SD to DD)

  • Visualization Support and VR

  • Interference Check and Analysis

  • Complete CD Set Production

  • Energy Analysis

  • Scan to BIM

  • Existing condition Modelling

  • Quantity Take off from BIM Model



Using sketches, 2D drawings, and mark-ups, our team translates designer’s ideas into BIM model and design drawings. BIM models are

developed progressively from LOD 100 at concept/schematic stage, to LOD 200 at design development stage, and LOD 300/350 at construction document stage. Models created are coordinated with other trades periodically, to ensure optimized, value-engineered design. Construction documents are prepared based on our client’s documentation and detailing standards.Strict Quality Assurance processes are implemented on all projects. Based on stage of a project and client standards, we customize our quality check templates to ensure that work delivered matches client’s own quality and graphic standards.Various tele-resencing tools, such as GoToMeeting, Webex, and Skype, are used for communication. Secure information exchange systems are used for data transfer.Based on the stage of a project, work is executed on a lump sum, monthly or hourly basis.



By engaging Sanrachna, design firms are able to:

  • Deliver projects faster

  • Improve profitability of each project

  • Become globally competitive by reducing cost

  • Leverage BIM technology to enhance value provided to their clients

  • Diversify into new locations and take up more work


BIM Services

BIM technology enables us to share work efficiently and effectively. Project BIMs can be broken into parts, either building-wise or discipline-wise or floor-wise, and “work-shared”.We align our services with our client’s needs. BIM services provided by Sanrachna includes:

BIM Services
Benefits of BIM Studio

BIM Studio


What is Studio

Studio is a team of professionals that work dedicatedly for one CLIENT, on a single or multiple project, for a defined period of time. Studio team may be located near the CLIENT’s office or remotely in any other country. Other features of a studio are as follows:

  • Team selected based on CLIENT requirement

  • Extended studio team aligned with CLIENT processes

  • Trained team of professionals aligned with CLIENT’s goals

  • Seamless working between CLIENT and Studio teams


Benefits of a Studio


Global worksharing strategy is being used by leading international AEC

firms across the globe. Having a remote studio provides multiple advantages.

By leveraing this model of to our CLIENTs, such as:

  • Manages business growth without adding CAPEX and OPEX costs

  • Focus on core competencies and responsibilities

  • Improve efficiency and productivity

  • Lower cost of delivery

  • Accelerated adoption of cutting edge technology

We have experience working on all types of projects, including townships, high-rise residential, villa development, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, aviation, hospitality, mixed-use, retail, educational, industrial, corporate interiors, restaurants, and office interior projects.

                      to know more about our “Extended Studio”.

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