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Owners & Developers

BIM Empowers Owners

Poor use of data, coupled with highly fragmented project teams, costs owners and developers huge avoidable business losses. Statistically, over 60% of large projects fail to meet cost and schedule targets, 30% of construction cost is rework, and over 55% of maintenance is reactive. However, now BIM technology is helping owners and developers reduce losses, minimize risk, and improve profit margins. All large and progressive developers are now mandating BIM use on their projects. We provide following BIM enabled services to owners and developers:

  • Business need analysis

  • IPD Strategy and EIR formulation

  • BIM Execution Planning and support

  • Consultants BIM Maturity assessment

  • BIM Audit Services

  • Virtual Design and Construction of all building systems

  • Design Coordination and issue tracking

  • Fully coordinated construction drawings

  • BIM Management Services

  • Construction quality assessment services

  • Safety management services

  • Design change management services

  • Deviation tracking and management

  • Budget tracking and procurement support

  • Contractors and subs BIM payment support

  • Virtual Reality services

  • Existing condition modelling

  • BIM-enabled Facility management support

  • Construction quality assurance services

  • Integrated Project Delivery

Why Sanrachna:

25 years of design-build experience, 12 years experience in implementing BIM with leading international owners. To know how we can assist you save time and cost on your projects, please contact us.

BIM Benefits

Over the last 20 years, Team Sanrachna has worked  with  leading  owners  and  developers all across the globe, leveraging BIM technology to their advantage. We work with the owner’s team during design, pre-construction, construction and operations stages of a project, implementing complete Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) strategy. After assessing business needs, and understanding challenges faced on previous projects, we create a customized BIM Implementation roadmap, including formulation of Employer Information Requirements (EIRs). By retooling industry processes judiciously, we create BIM Execution Plan that specifically addresses the needs of each project. BIM process mapping is carefully done to ensure that the entire project team participates collaboratively in making the project successful. Virtual models prepared are used at each stage to achieve specific business benefits.

By leveraging our 25 years design-build experience, along with our 20 years BIM experience, our business BIM services help owners and developers:

  • Make better designed buildings

  • Objectively assess design and construction efficiency

  • Value engineer design systems to save cost

  • Ensure adherence to project program

  • Ensure accurate quantification of materials

  • Optimize and track project cost

  • Collaborate between all stakeholders

  • Manage design changes and take better decisions

  • Have complete control over project design.

  • Manage and operate their assets digitally

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