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Smart Cities

Sanrachna has worked on multiple large developments and townships, where we have successfully implemented our “Smart City” BIM solutions.Smart Cities are designed to make the residents' living experiences richer, safer, secure and enjoyable. With the advent of Smart Cities in the country, Sanrachna has taken the step to contribute to the society by addressing the most pressing needs to improve the quality of life.

Our team possesses the expertise in all industry sectors, such as master planning, residential development, infrastructure, hospital, commercial developments, hospitality, roads and site service. Sanrachna’s expertise in the research and development includes analysis of the particular city and developing a smart solutions which addresses all priorities and needs of the Smart City.

Smart Government

Digital Integration of various government departments, effective Communication and efficient Data transfer processes are implemented for making quick governance decisions. Connectivity among various departments in a cloud-based end to end encrypted manner that would increase the responsiveness and reduce the time invested. We implement various software solutions to digitize the procedures and protocols like permissions and approvals. This results in smart tracking of data & applications, for current and near-future needs.

Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure is able to respond in real time to users’ needs. Digital infrastructure assets direct their own maintenance, leading to condition-based maintenance, reduced downtime and greater operational efficiency of the infrastructure overall. Dependencies on the inhabitants of the city and its buildings, is reduced.

Smart Transport

Smart Transport solutions eliminate flaws from the Transportation and developing it in a way that it increases the productivity and reduces the number of mishaps including accidents and implementing the deliveries on time.

Smart Homes

Smart Home services include integration of internet-based solutions in the development of Smart Homes. IOT is used to control appliances, making the home smart by using motion sensor lights reduces the energy consumption drastically. Various Security Systems are used to ensure safety just by a click from your handheld device and remote access to all appliances.

Smart Health

Smart Health Systems integrate information between various city infrastructure systems. Fast and Specific transportation routes for immediate and best medical aids are established. Connecting patient’s terminals, nursing stations, examination room, emergency medical services, PACS, and HIMSS systems become a imperative.


Smart Retail

Smart Retail solutions make shopping smart, by integrated cloud gateways. RFID and QR code scanning are enabled in the retail stores. Augmented Reality solutions are implemented in providing directions, and Virtual Reality services are used to experience before buying furniture, lighting and electronics. System automatically check the inventory and provides real-time sale status and monitor information through the applications by mobile devices.


Smart Factory

Our Smart Factory Solutions allow our clients to design, construct, operate and monitor their industrial units efficiently. Power of BIM-based smart analytics and other smart solutions, is used to reduce energy consumption, decrease accidents, and enhance quality of work environment.

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