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BIM and Virtual Construction Services for Sub Contractors

Team Sanrachna works closely with mechanical, electrical, fire protection and interior sub-contractors. We create (or develop) BIM models based on the trade-specific requirements. Models are created using construction drawings, material specification, specific fitting, and equipment selected for each trade.


In case design models are available, we perform BIM Audit and transform them into LOD 400 trade-specific models for further coordination, shop drawings production or any other use. We also participate in BIM workshops organized by GC, as sub-contractor’s virtual construction team. Our services Include:

  • Virtual Construction – LOD 350/400

  • BID Support

  • Clash Detection & Coordination with other trades

  • MEP Modelling & Detailing

  • Shop Drawing Production

  • System/Equipment Layout drawings

  • Quantity Take Off

  • On site Co-ordination


VDC Services

Team Sanrachna has worked on a wide variety of projects, including townships, high-rise residential, villa development, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, aviation, hospitality, mixed-use development, retail, educational, industrial, corporate interiors, restaurants, and office interiors.



Using 2D drawings, scan data, or construction drawings, our team “virtually constructs” each building system, as a “virtual contractor”. Discrepancies found on the construction drawings are reported, and error-omissions rectified.

Constructability issues and trade coordination clashes are reported and collaboratively resolved. Building systems are visualized by sub-contractors team as well as other trades, and value-engineering possibilities are discussed. 4D Construction sequencing and schedule-based quantities extracted from BIM models can be used for procurement.

Strict Quality Assurance processes are implemented on all projects. Models are created based on material specification and shop drawing standards. Our standard quality check templates are customized to ensure that work delivered matches client’s own quality and graphic standards. 

Various tele-resencing tools, such as GoToMeeting, Webex, and Skype, are used for communication. Secure information exchange systems are used for data transfer.Based on the stage of a project, work is executed on a lump sum, monthly or hourly basis.


By engaging Sanrachna, Sub-Contractors are able to:

  • Bid and win more projects, using our Bid Support services

  • Reducing turn-around time, take better decisions earlier, and enhance value to client

  • Collaborate effectively and efficiently with General Contractors and other subs

  • Improve profitability of each project

  • Deliver better buildings more confidently


Virtual Construction Services

BIM technology enables us to share work efficiently. Trade BIMs can be broken into parts, building-wise, discipline-wise, floor-wise, and “work-shared”. We customise the virtual construction services based on each project, and align our processes to match our client’s business needs. Virtual Construction services provided by Sanrachna.

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